Hot sale RF hotel door lock

Name:Hot sale RF hotel door lock
Anti brass:B001B
Door thickness required:35~60mm
Material:Stainless steel


Technology Data

*  Power: DC6V, 4 pcs AA 5# alkaline battery, can use for 8-12 month at normal situation.

*   Static consumption:10uA

*   Trends consumption: 200 mA.

*   Card type: EM card/TEMIC T5557 card/Philips Mifare 1 card. (EM card use for home and office such place without need software.T5557 card use for hotel etc which need software. Mifare 1 card with software and consume function.)

*   Working temperature: -35~ 65

*   Humidity: 15%95%RH.   

*   Inside deadbolt

*   Low battery voltage warning. The voltage of PCB less than 4.8, red light flash and sound continuous to alarm need change new battery; the locks can open about 100 times in low voltage status.

*   Locking and unlocking record printable (with data collector machine).

*    Opening time: Turn on the handle to open door, after the door open, the lock will lock automatically. And if read the card but not open the door, the lock will locked again after 7 seconds automatically.

*   Emergency open door: Can open door in urgent status without limited, even the generous tongue indoor lock.

*    Requirement of door thickness: more than 38mm, if the door is laciness, which should be 110mm distance from the door side.

*    Right open door and left open door

*   Material: Face panel: Stainless steel. Lock body outside: stainless steel, lock tongue and inside all metal material.

*    Dimension:243*72*20(mm)




Hotel door Locking system consist




Front Desk System

Optional Accessories

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