Classic european style hotel door lock

Name:Classic european style hotel door lock
Red bronze:X001R
Mortise lock:European standard mortise lock
Voltage:DC6V, 4 pcs 1.5V AA alkaline battery
Material:Zinc alloy


Technology Data

*   Right open door and left open door.                               

*   Power: DC6V, 4 pcs AA 5# alkaline battery, can use for 8-12 month at normal situation.

*   Low battery voltage warning. ,when the voltage low than 4.8V. will have music and red light alarm for change battery .still can use  about 50 times when in low voltage.

*   Card type: EM card/TEMIC T5557 card/Philips Mifare 1 card. (EM card use for home and office such place without need software.T5557 card use for hotel etc which need software. Mifare 1 card with software and consume function.)

  Workmanship: fill in electron module and induction coil in PVC piece.

*   Locking and unlocking record printable (with data collector machine) 

*  Door thickness requirement: ≥38mm

*   Read card method: Contactless induction card.

*   Working frequency: 125 kHz.

*  Working speed: 106KBPS.

*   Static consumption:≤10 uA .

*   Trends consumption: ≤200 mA

*   Working temperature: -35 ~65.

  Working humidity: 15%95%RH..

*   Material: Face panel: zinc alloy .Lock body outside: stainless steel, lock tongue and inside all metal material.

 Dimension: 286x72x13 (mm)


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