Acrylic LED electronic hotel door bell

Name:Acrylic LED electronic hotel door bell
Material:Metal and arcylic
Model:DB261-G(gold) DB261-S (silver)
Color:Gold and silver
Size:220x140 (mm)


Multi-function all in one hotel door bell
With room No,live status, make up room, no disturb, touch key door bell function ,light indicate .
Make up room: guest ask for clean room or some service need ,put the bottom of makeup room into the
room ,while the outside make up room bottom will light to make the service person clean the room.
Don't disturb: guest won't to be disturb, put the bottom of don't disturb in the room ,which the outside 
don't disturb bottom will light, at the same time, door bell function will can't be use now. Put the bottom 
of don't disturb in the room again, door bell will can be used.
Living status: The room No is lighting mean room is using
Insert power switch, room No will light.
Touchkey door bell function.
Technical Data
Strong current: 220V, weak current: 12V.
Consumption: 2w
Size: 220x140 (mm)
Face panel color: black color, can print the hotel name as required
Working temperature:-10°C~60°C
Working humidity: 50°C 10~95%RH
Touch key life: Capacitive unlimited touch key

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