Mifare 1 smart card lock with password

Name:Mifare 1 smart card lock with password
Material:Zinc alloy
Card:ID/Mifare 1
Voltage:DC4V,4 pcs AA alkaline battery


Keypad door locks
Product Features
Card type ID/Mifare1 card                  
Password Touchkey enter
Card open door Contactless card open door
Door bell Option function, can work with door bell to up to 27 different open door music
can choose different way to open door: Conactless card or password open individually
Open door way contactless card + password together to open door 
Password can change by users, allow program 1 master code, 50 different open door
password,enter password allow enter mass 
Other function Allow the door keep unlock status
Alarm Door locked in wrong way will alarm to notice
Low voltage notice When voltage low than 4.5V, the lock will make voice to inform
Power 4 pcs AA alkaline battery, extra power pack available
Deadbolt Front door handle lift to lock the door
Mechanical key High security mechanical key
Technology Data
Working voltage DC 6V, 4 pcs AA alkaline batter
Static concumption 50uA
Sync concumption  200mA
Battery lifetime about 10-12 months depends on the working environment
Low voice notice 4.5V
Read distance >20mm
Working temperature   -20—70
Working humidity  80%

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